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 Νέα :: Ενημέρωση νέων προϊόντων 

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  Ενημέρωση νέων προϊόντων01/04/2011   

Design trends tell us what the latest thing is, and right now that’s furniture that is beautiful inside and out. 

Fittings manufacturer Julius Blum GmbH has come up with a new hinge, CLIP top BLUMOTION which meets this requirement and which has just won the much sought-after “iF product design award”.

The complete damping system has been fitted into the hinge boss. 

Sophisticated technology, utmost user convenience and elegant design convinced the international jury of experts. 

Some 2,500 products in all were entered in the design competition which was held for the 56th time this year. 

The award is widely recognised among experts as a quality mark.

A lot of technology in a small hinge – CLIP top BLUMOTION by Blum


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